7 Seat Car Rental / Fecar Car Rental

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7 Seat Car Rental

Religious festivals, like your overseas holidays, we need large 7 seats in time. We have added 7-seater model cars to our fleet offering large interior space for crowded families. Our affordable 7-seater vehicles are available on-site for your holidays. Dacia Lodgy with 7 Seats is available on our site 1.5 dCi. We are conscious of our esteemed guests who give us the feeling of trust, warmth and unity. We plan to keep your filomoon wide, keep your crowd and we take our cars according to your preference for your whole family. For your 7-seat car rental needs, it is important that the car is not of sufficient quality in terms of spacious interior, adequate storage compartment, adequate jambs, comfortable seats and security;
Recently MPV (multi-purpose car)
7-seat vehicles started to be produced in the class. In this way you can make a more comfortable, spacious interior car rental with less price. The 7 seat vehicles are not the performance point for the rental period, but the safety and comfort that is important.
You can rent 7 seat beans online from our website, you can benefit from special early reservation advantages. You can also reach our Dalaman Airport / Automatic Transmission Car Rental page. You can also ask us any questions about Fethiye car rental.