What to do after an accident in traffic?

Engaging in traffic can have risky consequences for both pedestrians and vehicle owners from time to time. Vehicles that will be involved in any accident in unexpected moments are required to implement certain elements. The panic situation can be eliminated first after the accident results in material damage or death. Drivers who cannot panic and think correctly can get more effective results if they are cool and make the right decisions.

It is also possible that the drivers, who will strictly apply the actions to be taken after a traffic accident, will be able to obtain the most ideal results. The most basic action to be taken after a traffic accident is to issue an accident report. Law enforcement officers were also called on this issue; official traffic accident detection report shall be kept. Thus, it would be possible to provide the insurance companies with the necessary information in a more ideal way.
If the traffic accidents result in a fatal or injured situation, the first call to be made is by calling the emergency service number; to ensure that the medical personnel arrive at the scene. During the next period, the police or gendarmerie forces were also informed; it will be advisable to take steps to keep the necessary inspections and accident records. Waiting calmly and calmly after the completion of this process will be the best act for the parties.
In which situations can an accident report be prepared?
· Failure to reach agreement between the parties involved in the accident
· Unauthorized driving of drivers involved in the accident
· The driver is underage
· Drivers have been consumed by the alcohol
· Doubting the mental health of the driver
· If the vehicle or vehicles involved in the accident belong to public institutions
· Damage to public goods if public vehicles are involved in an accident
· Damage to property of persons who are not only parties to the accident
· No or one of the parties to the accident does not have traffic insurance
· Deaths or injuries after an accident
Factors to be used in the preparation of accident report
· Official or contracted accident report
· Document that drivers are not alcoholic
· License copies of the parties
· License photocopies of those involved in the accident
· Documents for payment of damage if the vehicles are pledged or mortgaged
· Firefighting reports in case of fire
· Invoices in case of transportation of vehicles
· The way the event occurs
· Inclusion of damage type in documents
The Role of Insurance Companies After Accident
If the necessary records are kept after the accident occurs, insurance companies will be engaged. The insurance company of the offending party shall cover the financial damages of both parties. Not only will the insurance companies cover the financial costs of the vehicles, but they are also obliged to bear the costs of the existing treatment processes. If the vehicle owners take alcohol or stimulants, the insurance companies will be disabled and all these costs may be left to the offending party.
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