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Fethiye Uzumlu car rental
Fethiye, from the beginning of the tourist resorts of Turkey; It is a holiday center that connects people with its sea and nature. The reason why it is indispensable for holidaymakers is that it is close to many holiday centers. Among the must-see places in Fethiye, Üzümlü Holiday Village is at the top of the list. If you want to see and experience these unique beauties of Fethiye; Don't decide without looking at Fethiye Uzumlu car rental services. Visiting the holiday resort of Fethiye, which is spread over a wide area as a holiday resort, can make your holiday a little difficult. You can explore Fethiye more by saving time with Fethiye Uzumlu car rental services.
Üzümlü Village is one of our rare holiday villages, whose natural structure is intact, with its historical structure and green nature, where the human hand is very little touched. However, road transport has improved considerably. The question of "How to go to Üzümlü", which leaves a lot of questions on the minds of the visitors, has a lot of place in the minds of the visitors. It is very easy to reach by the developed highway with grapes. The road route is one of our rare holiday resorts that are not confused. If you are going to travel with your own vehicle, you can travel comfortably with the help of a map. If you want to provide a vehicle by taking advantage of Fethiye Üzümlü car rental services, all you have to do is to determine the vehicle according to your needs and set off.
Uzumlu Holiday Village
Üzümlü Village takes its name from the vine vineyards that almost cover the holiday village. It is famous for its yellow grapes that leave its taste on the palate. One of the activities to be carried out in Üzümlü Village is to see these vine gardens. Üzümlü Village, which is far from city life and has little construction, offers a holiday away from stress. You can also take nature walks with a high oxygen level and have a healthier body. You can see sarcophagi and ancient tombs and have more ideas about civilizations. With Fethiye Üzümlü car rental services, you can see the unique nature of Üzümlü Village. For car rental operations, all you need to do is to deal with a company that offers rental services in line with your needs. Leasing transactions are valid within the periods specified by you. Vehicle model, capacity, features are shaped according to customer needs. This led to a variety of rental services. By choosing corporate companies, you can both benefit from the campaigns and protect yourself against possible damages. Except for the signed contract, no additional costs are charged to the user. In this case, you can enjoy the holiday with peace of mind.
An authentic mountain town that resists time in its historic architecture! Stone houses from the Ottoman period are still being used. The vineyards that give the name of the region are evolving with the wine making that has recently developed. Historical Roots Nomadic and maybe even the Greeks of the Lycian islands make this beautiful nature more attractive to people with the tolerance and hospitality they show.

Yeşilüzümlü is famous for the so-called "DASTAR". Just as Dastar is not a landmark; Dastar, woven with traditional methods, is made of cotton, wool or silk yarns. Every piece touching is different - there is no other partner. Yeşilüzümü residents will provide you with all kinds of information about weaving while offering homemade wines.

OPEN MARKET was established every Friday. The cafés here are very cute places to mingle with the locals. In addition, there are two pide rooms where you can find pies in different tastes. An old grape house was restored and opened as WINE HOUSE. You can taste handmade wine and grape juice and eat home-made food. You can taste many different products belonging to olive, olive oil, vinegar, fig and locality.


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