Saklikent & Tlos & Yakapark

The first stop of our Saklikent & Tlos & Yakapark tour will be Saklikent Canyon. The view is magical to you. Words are inadequate to describe this extraordinarily charged natural phenomenon. Even the people who have visited this place before, Saklikent manages to amaze the people who have visited here every time. The 13-kilometer Saklikent Canyon, which has been formed by the erosion of the melted snow and heavy rains at the peaks of Akdag for thousands of years, is, in fact, a young geological formation. You can go as far as you can in the canyon. On the riverside platforms, you can sit back and find peace. We strive to offer you these opportunities in the most complete way with our Saklikent & Tlos & Yakapark tour. With circular boats in the icy waters of the river, you can even have the chance to do Ringo Rafting. By zipline, you can add a whole new air to your tour by increasing your adrenaline levels.

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You can also book at the most affordable prices with the exclusive offers of these tours, which usually originate from Fethiye. As the name suggests, this place, which is quite mysterious, has aroused great interest in everyone. It will give you a chill with the view of Saklikent Canyon, which is formed as a result of the melting snow from the peaks of Akdag. Besides all this, walking through the canyon will be an element of adrenaline. On behalf of Saklikent & Tlos & Yakapark, it is possible to reach all these beauties with tours. Tour assurance and quality continue to serve by always keeping it in the foreground. All these areas will be able to be reached after a short journey.

A short car ride takes place after the Saklikent section of our tour. After the lunch break, Yakapark is made a livelihood. Tree roots and the cool atmosphere of the ice-cold water flowing under the stones and the cool atmosphere of the location will take you away from the stresses, anxieties, and troubles of modern life. After this warm-up trip, our Saklikent & Tlos & Yakapark tour is passed to Tlos.

It is located in the ancient Lycoury region, which has the richest historical, archaeological and natural resources in southwestern Turkey. It is quite possible to encounter something extraordinary at every step. Tlos is one of the most well preserved ancient settlements to date. It is not possible to describe this remarkable place that nature embraces with compassion in words. We would like to present these beauties to you in our Saklikent & Tlos & Yakaparktour. We wish to be the instrument of your happiness.

The excitement of our Saklikent & Tlos & Yakapark tour is always seen from the smiles on the faces. It's a wonderful feeling to be able to see these beauties one-on-one, to be able to inhale the skies of that fresh air. If you want to take advantage of the reliability and quality of our tour, you can make these requests at an affordable price by booking on our site.

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Saklikent & Tlos & Yakapark Tour

Besides having a more attractive price for tours, it also offers multiple elements together and appeals to everyone. If you want to visit the beauties of nature such as Saklikent & Tlos & Yakapark in your private car, you will, of course, need a guide. However, there are teams that are already guiding you instantly during the tour. In this way, the enjoyment of the tours becomes separate. The friends you have made on your trip also create a separate element. Yakapark, also known as Yaka village, also has a trout farm restaurant for a nice meal. In this restaurant, you will be able to find fresh fish. During the tour, you are always traveling with comfortable vehicles covered by insurance.

Fascinate with Saklikent & Tlos & Yakapark

Offering you complete spontaneity in the name of stress-free, Saklikent & Tlos & Yakapark is one of the places worth exploring on behalf of people who have not discovered it before. The ancient city of Tlos, which has protected itself in the foothills of Akdag, is among them. It will also offer you plenty of oxygen with its fresh air, accompanied by a unique view that will fascinate you. When you add on your pleasurable journeys to this pleasurable exploration, you get more efficiency from the work done. In this way, tourists will benefit from these services in packages. It is a privilege to explore the beauties that he has hidden behind on behalf of Saklikent.

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