Car Rental Turkey

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Great holiday on destinations in Turkey

Mugla is the ideal destination for those who want it all at once. It was one of the many ancient Caria ten cities of the region, in today's Aegean region of Turkey. The most beautiful resorts in Bodrum, Marmaris, Datca, Fethiye, Dalyan, Turkey and many others are all within the boundaries of the province of Mugla.

There are many quality holiday villages, comfortable, hospitable to hotels in Mugla, and here you can enjoy any type of vacation, except for the winter sports. The landscape is perfect with dozens of historic sites, such as the Labranda, Lagina, Caunos, Euromos, Iasos and Stratonikeia mixed, bears the traces of past civilizations in Anatolia. The beaches are for all types of water, such as the pristine beaches and crystal clear water await you in Mugla, such as the Gulf of Gokova.

The city center, there are picturesque views to the traditional architecture of the Aegean Turkish houses and a way of living. The international airports of Milas and Dalaman are the main ones in order to reach the region by air.

The population of the province of Mugla is less than a million (around 840 one thousand in early 2012), but that number will come in the summer months with the people, to their summer homes and hotels tripled in major holiday destinations in the province. It has a 1100 km (683 miles) of coastline. Koycegiz and Bafa Lake are the largest lakes in the province.

One of the most interesting and traditional activities in the Mugla Province is the Camel Wrestling to add during the winter months in several districts and villages of the province is organized.

Fethiye is 135 km (84 miles) southwest of Marmaris, Mugla Province, and has an outstanding and busy port. The ancient name the town is the name name Telmessos where you. A fortress on the hill overlooking the city, which can be seen built by Knights of Rhodes Fethiye is known for its rock-cut tombs in the faces of the cliffs by the Lycians known carved. These are intricately carved and are remarkable. Each of them is the grave of Amnytas from the 4 Century BC built in Doric style and worth a visit. Other historical places in the town are several sarcopaghi, drama and Fethiye tower.

The town of Marmaris is located near the meeting Placemark the Aegean and the Mediterranean. in Marmaris is one of the largest ports in the world kind of pine-covered hills surrounded.

The hotel is located in southwestern Turkey, Mugla province, in Marmaris is one of Turkey's largest holiday region resorts. In the north, reading the Gulf of Gokova, to the south of the Mediterranean. Datca Peninsula, the west and the east is the lake of Koycegiz. The hills run to the sea and the beautiful bays make Marmaris the jewel she is. Many foreigners, mainly Scandinavian nationals have bought property in and around in Marmaris show for their tourism or for retirement.

The town is 60 kilometers from the provincial capital of Mugla and the mountainous natureplus plus the surrounding landscape means that forestryrevolution revolution in important part in the economic area plays. The city limits of 65,000 hectares of forest surrounded.


Dalaman is the province of Mugla on the SW coast of Turkey. Between the mountains and the sea, Dalaman for its international airport that serves as a gateway to the various well-known resorts. in Marmaris is 91 km west of the airport, 25 km west of Dalyan, Gocek east 22 km, 50 km east of Fethiye. Therefore, it is the nearest airport for travelers to Patara, Kalkan and Kas. Daily flights connect with Istanbul, while direct flights appear to and from major European cities several times a week. Dalaman will benefit from his lap in many aspects of geographical and historical interest. There are many coves and beaches aroung the Dalaman area easily accessible by car as tested Sarigerme, Gocek, Dalyan and Koycegiz.